1984 by George Orwell

1984 - George Orwell

One of the books that caught my attention. From the famous author, George Orwell, the story is about Wilson Smith who is trying to figure out what is happening to the world especially where he stayed; Ocenia. This is the era where people scrutinize peoples action and under the dictatorship of Big Brother. At this age, no one is daring enough to express their feelings and oppose the government. The act of thinking about ruling over the government can poses a danger to oneself and even be erased from the world in just one night. Heck, even from the history itself. 


I liked to progress of the story with precise details of what happened. Although it was just a fiction, I do think it might be other dimension we might live in. OR. Might be the future that we will face sooner or later.Let's just say we were hoping for a utopia world but instead, we were given the dystopia world


The presence of emotions involved throughout this story did seem real. The tense of the oppression, the chastisement and even the ending of this story. 


I do recommend this book. The author made this book because of his vision for this world 40 years ago. It may not happen now but it might in the near future. 


Overall, it is really astounding.